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Watch Now. Stream On. Critic Reviews. Julia Cooper Sep 7, Home Again is a tight, witty script from a first-time director with a long list of hits ahead of her — and, of course, the golden age of Hollywood dynasties lighting her way. Read full review. Leah Greenblatt Sep 7, Alissa Wilkinson Sep 7, It does just what it sets out to do: Give us a bit of fantasy, and then let us remember the joy of reality. Mike Scott Sep 7, Still, while it wouldn't be correct to characterize Home Again as a formula film, it's generic enough that it somehow feels formulaic.

Consequently, "Home Again" never distinguishes itself as anything but a predictable and thoroughly ordinary film, just with lots of fancy window dressing. James Berardinelli Sep 11, Unfortunately, I was right. Peter Travers Sep 6, A patently bogus romcom in which every note rings false. Oktay Ege Kozak Sep 15, User Score. Write a Review. User Reviews. OnlyAGreatOnly Oct 14, Home Again is nice, and entertaining, and funny!

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I can't wait for it to be new and cool. The movie is nice. Can't wait to watch it!!!!!! NathanDonnelly Mar 19, Home Again is probably one of most funniest movies I've ever seen. Home Again is the modern day rom-com with a role switch younger guy dating a 40 year old woman. If you love Reese Witherspoon's mmovies this has to be one of Reese's best performances yet. TVJerry Sep 11, As usual, it's female centric with Reese Witherspoon turning on the charm, as a newly-separated mother of 2, who ends up with 3 twenty-something men living in her guest house and 1 ending up in her bed.

The inevitable complications arise when the husband Michael Sheen crashes this unique family arrangement. While it's infused with the expected sincere emotions and lighthearted interactions, the actual comedy is sparse. It's more about the characters and the entire cast creates likeable individuals.

LeZee Feb 4, Midlife crisis, and to begin life afresh! We the viewers ask for something different, and here's the one. This was slightly different than the usual films. Only on the characters, but the story was pretty much the same like about jealousness. The story of a middle aged woman and to begin Midlife crisis, and to begin life afresh! The story of a middle aged woman and to begin the life again.

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Alice a daughter of a famous filmmaker, is not all happy in her life after the marriage is at in the risk of collapse. Then suddenly all changes when three youngsters she meets at the club. What follows after is to enlighten her life, but not everything's going to be fine. It could be more trouble than the solution she's hoping for, especially for a long term in mind. So what are those issues and how it resolved were told in the remaining parts. From a new director. She wrote it as well. I've seen many women director's films in this year than any other.

They are making revolution here. This is actually a decent film, but surely not a bad one as you have heard. Reese Witherspoon was awesome. She always good at such roles. So basically this film is for her to watch. I am obviously not the type of reader who should be reading Kristin Hannah books. I happened to really love a couple of her books, but I am now thinking I am judging her too harshly based upon what I thought of those books? If you love Kristin Hannah, disregard my reviews Although I cannot possibly understand how. View all 17 comments. Jun 20, Annika rated it did not like it.

I stuck with it, because it's not a terrible story I've read waaaay worse , but it's so fluffy and cheesy that it's almost painful to read. And I was right, the author didn't surprise me with some snappy twist ala Jodi Picoult. She just finished her merry little story. I'm glad I don't cry easily. Angel Demarco is this world famous actor, nominated for an Oscar, but he keeps saying he's not that great of an actor.

He causes mass riots and press stampedes everywhere he goes. He's a drug user, an alcoholic, and a womanizer, and he sees no reason to change his ways. Francis Demarco, Angel's older brother, is a priest, and for the last 16 years he has stepped in to fill a "father" or "uncle" role the best he can for Lina Hillyard, the 16 year old love child of Angel and Dr. Madeleine Hillyard. Angel doesn't know his daughter ever existed, and the author gives hints that Lina is Angel's daughter, only it isn't confirmed until halfway through the book.

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Madeleine Hillyard has become a cardiologist, raised her daughter with a priest who is her ex-lover's brother from their teenage years ugh and is the best of the best of heart transplant surgeons in the Seattle area. Lina is troubled, bratty, and has spent 16 years with a mother who wants to be a friend and a father role filled by a priest. A very young, handsome priest of course but he is also HER best friend and her mother's best friend. Are we weirded out yet?

Angel Demarco, at 34 years of age, has had enough heart attacks to finally land him in a Seattle hospital awaiting a heart transplant. He's spoiled, angry, and bitter, but somehow Madeleine thinks he deserves a new heart. He hasn't seen her for 16 years, has no idea he has a daughter, and thinks his brother has married her. He doesn't even know his brother is a priest. Since he's SO famous, the hospital is under strict security.

Lina doesn't even meet her father until about halfway through the book. If she had shut up and stopped storming out of every scene the first half of the book, she may have let her mother or Francis the Priest talk to her and she could've met her father sooner than that. I won't spoil it with my prediction. I'll say none of the characters are believable.

I refuse to believe this handsome young priest who has stepped in at 18 to take care of his little brother's brokenhearted teenage thrill has spent 16 years being her "best friend" and she is clueless, and he is pining over her. I'm also not buying that Angel will change his ways as quickly as he does after his transplant. I'm also not buying that he has such a recovery from his cocaine and alcohol days. I'm also not buying that Madeleine the cardiologist suddenly resurrects her feelings for Angel after 16 years, never saw his movies or his face anywhere and he's soooo famous?

Skip it. This review was more of a rant, a vent. I think Kristen Hannah has wrote better things than this one. A good heart transplant book? View all 7 comments. Apr 14, Miz rated it it was amazing Shelves: tearjerker , for-the-girls , favouritesstars , ebook-owned , romance. This book was exactly what I needed to read. Little did I know when I started it that I would devour it in under 24 hours, and at times my face would be damp from tears that unwittingly fell onto the screen of my ebook. The characters were so rich that I felt genuine warmth for them all and loved their character development.

It warmed my heart, warmed my soul. Every Hannah book that I have read has turned out to be a delight. For much the same reason I guess, but yes, highly recommended. It will put you back on your road to recovery! I'm usually a big fan of Kristin Hannah, but Home Again just didn't do it for me. The idea of the book seemed promising, but Kristin Hannah just didn't deliver. The whole story of the heart surgery and the family dramas just didn't seem real to me.

How am I supposed to believe that you would still fall in love with the same man who broke your heart so many years ago? Sure, people should be allowed second chances, but forgiving someone for running out of your life without as much saying goodbye w I'm usually a big fan of Kristin Hannah, but Home Again just didn't do it for me. Sure, people should be allowed second chances, but forgiving someone for running out of your life without as much saying goodbye would take a hell of a long time, not just a month or two.

The characters were difficult to connect to, especially Lina. Lots of teens would sometimes feel lost when one of their parents isn't a part of their life, and Lina was extremely lost drugs, drinking, tantrums. But Lina was just too emotional, sometimes to the point where it gets annoying.

If she would just stop, listen, and think for a moment, her "daddy" problems wouldn't that big of an issue. Angel and Madelaine's relationship wasn't that much believable either. There was no way to connect on how much they loved each other. All you get to know is that they just fell in love when they were teenagers, Angel ran away and broke Madelaine's heart, then they fall in love again after so many years.

That's it. Nothing much to go on there. Home Again definitely isn't one of my favorites. It wasn't good, yet it wasn't bad either, just bland. View 1 comment. Dec 13, Chana Snyder rated it did not like it. OMG, no. Full stop.

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I got through about a third of this book before I lost my patience and dropped it to the floor. A few things I'm glad for: 1 that I didn't pay for the book; 2 that I don't live or know anyone who does in the emotionally warped world that the author's constructed here. What a train wreck! Has any of these characters matured at all during the course of their adult lives?

Why does that seem like such an unreasonable request? What really dropped my jaw was when another review OMG, no. What really dropped my jaw was when another reviewer used the word 'empowering. A world-class cardio surgeon pining away like a teenager? I mean, yes, life can be more satisfying with a partner, but why are romance and love and marriage and babies always the ONLY reward?

Awwwwww, they all got together in the end, happily ever after.

Home Again

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. In "Home Again," Kristin shows all these elements and does it so beautifully that you can't help but feel and encompass every single emotion that the characters traipse across. Each character is distinct in their own way, with their own challenges and fears to face that ultimately lead them to a bittersweet, happy ending. Halfway through the book a tragedy strikes, leading to a painful decision that must be made at the death of a character, the life of another is given a second chance to live and redeem himself , then leads to Angel's changing his life around in order to show Madeline that he wants to be a part of her and their daughter's life, that he does not want to run anymore.

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The two find themselves falling in love with each other all over again while he's, first, waiting for a heart, and finally as he recovers after the surgery and changes his life around. If you love books that make you feel everything and cry your eyes out, then this is definitely the book for you because it will really open your eyes. It also as a spiritual element to it that will take your breath as you read each of those short perspective sections. Sep 04, Janine rated it did not like it.

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Cheesy, cliche, predictable, characters that are caricature dripping with over-wrought writing. I actually laughed out loud not in a good way at sections of the dialogue that were so absurd.

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If I had a nickle for every time a character touched another character's face because THAT happens all the time in real life! Normally I save 1-star ratings for books that are so ba Ugh. Normally I save 1-star ratings for books that are so bad I can't make it to the end. This one I did get all the way through, but only because it was an audio book and I was captive in my car.

The best thing I can say about this book is it's inspiring to know that an author can mature and grow in their craft to move from this drivel to absolutely brilliant writing like "The Nightingale" and "Winter Garden. I'd say start there and skip this earlier work. Nov 27, Amy rated it liked it Shelves: , fiction. This was the first Kristin Hannah book that really let me down. I think this could have been a much better book than it was, the story arch was great, but the characters were flat and transparent.

View 2 comments. Whimsical This is a whimsical story of an odd pairing. A cardiologist and a priest are best friends. A sick patient links them even more together.

This is the story of old friends and new beginnings. A fairly easy read that leaves you feeling good in the end. Jul 05, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: july-august-pageopoly-challenge. This is the story of a heart transplant patient who finds himself back in his own home town, and not by choice. It is a place filled with memories and people he never expected to see again. His selfish lifestyle has damaged those who loved him and the child he never knew existed. The question here is, can people change, and can broken hearts heal? There is a lot of substance in this story and, as is her custom, Kristin Hannah hits at the very core of the emotions, weaving a novel which is both com This is the story of a heart transplant patient who finds himself back in his own home town, and not by choice.

There is a lot of substance in this story and, as is her custom, Kristin Hannah hits at the very core of the emotions, weaving a novel which is both compassionate and heartwarming. Well worth the time!! I can honestly never get tired of saying how much I love Kristin Hannah! This book gives you an enormous amount of hope, faith, and love. Francis is such an incredible character. The way he takes care of Maddy and Lina, and loves them so deeply in such a pure and Godly way.

Angel, Frances brother is the opposite but has a heart of Gold. The story develops as Angel needs a heart transplant and goes back to his hometown, where he ran away when Maddy became pregnant at He leaves the Only two people he loves and underatands him. When he is transfer to the best cardiologist he discovers that the best doctor out there and the person who will treat him is his Maddy. And the story unfolds when Frances dies and Angel gets his brother's heart.

He learns that Maddy never aborted the baby, and that he is the father of Maddy's sixteen year old daughter Lina. The way all these characters come together through grief, forgiveness and hope is incredible I enjoyed this book an recommend it to anyone who loves reading about family and the power and miracles God can do in peoples lives Some might say, a little too good to be true but I was more than fine with that.

In true Kristin Hannah form, this is another "grab the Kleenex! Her characters are so well developed I adored Francis in this book and you will most certainly feel their hurt, feel their loss, want to give them a hug and then cheer them on. I thought it would be fun to mention who I pictured as Angel DeMarco, the Hollywood big shot with a heart ready to give out sooner rather than later. For me, he was Bradley Cooper The Hangover and I definitely had a little crush on him throughout this book. Thank you, Ms. Hannah, for another uplifting story filled with hope, forgiveness, selflessness and love.

Oct 20, Kristin Bateman rated it it was ok. This was the first time Kristin Hannah ever disappointed me so much I almost gave up on the book. It's blatant that the book was one of her earlier novels because the characters were so thinly veiled, the plot was so see-through that it was liking reading a slice of Swiss cheese, and I was groaning at the constant cliches. It was like reading a Hallmark movie. If you fell in love with Kristin Hannah's later works like "Firefly Lane," "Winter Garden," or "The Nightingale" and are trying on catchin This was the first time Kristin Hannah ever disappointed me so much I almost gave up on the book.

If you fell in love with Kristin Hannah's later works like "Firefly Lane," "Winter Garden," or "The Nightingale" and are trying on catching up on her full repertoire, do yourself a favor and pass on this one. Mar 13, Tanya rated it it was amazing.

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Oh my goodness. I don't think I've enjoyed a book more in the past year or so as much as I did this book! I started to need the Kleenex close to half way into the book and went through about 3 boxes! It's a great book that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy in the inside! Jan 18, Liza Wiemer added it. An enjoyable story of family, forgiveness, redemption and second chances. I love getting lost in a Kristin Hannah novel. Jan 10, sue rated it it was amazing.

I love all of this authors books. This story goes way beyond being a good read! Its really a page turner and you defo need your hankies. Aug 11, Ceshia rated it liked it. The story plot was very predictable.