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A fascinating novel based on the life of the infamous baby farmer Minnie Dean, the only woman in New Zealand history ever to be hanged. Accused of.
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I was screaming at him to stop, screaming for help, but he was totally silent.

He was stabbing the mother of his child but he was calm. He looked like any other time I saw him. He didn't look angry or upset. Morris was caged for life with a minimum of 21 years after he pleaded guilty to murder just before his trial was due to start in December last year.

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Their heartbroken daughter, now seven, said her "heart is empty" after her mum's murder at her sick dad's hand. Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC said the tormented youngster now "associates everything with death and dying and that of course is because of the actions of her own father".

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Just tell everyone I'm sorry but I had to do this. He downed two cans of beer and lay in wait for his ex near home clutching a kitchen knife before pouncing.

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Sarah Whitehouse QC, prosecuting, said: "He seemed sweaty, dirty and under the influence of alcohol. A fascinating novel based on the life of the infamous baby farmer Minnie Dean, the only woman in New Zealand history ever to be hanged.

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Accused of infanticide and awaiting trial and then sentence, Minnie confides in Reverend Lindsay. Alternating between these two contrasting personalities, the novel tells Minnie's version of events. From her oppressive upbringing in Victorian Scotland to adulthood in Southland, Minnie battles her own nature and the hardships of colonial life and social hypocrisy. Once Minnie is tried, she has to face her impending execution, while Reverend Lindsay, who has become her unlikely ally, fights to prevent her paying the ultimate price for society's sins.

The Day She Cradled Me

Sacha De Bazin. She has a BA in English, and previously was a primary school teacher. See more at www.

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Read more. John Knox , in his History of the Reformation , mentions an incident of infanticide by a lady-in-waiting from France, after an affair with the apothecary of Mary, Queen of Scots.

The couple was reported to have been hanged in Some have speculated that the "old Queen" referred to in the song was the Queen of Scots Mary of Guelders, who lived from about to , and who was married to Scotland's King James II. She was regent for her son, James III, from her husband's death when a cannon exploded in to her own death in More recently, England's George IV, while still the Prince of Wales, is rumored to have had an affair with a governess of one of his sisters.

The Day She Cradled Me

The governess' name? Mary Hamilton.

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But no story of a child, much less infanticide. The first five and the last four stanzas from version 1 of Child Ballad Word's gane to the kitchen, And word's gane to the ha, That Marie Hamilton gangs wi bairn To the hichest Stewart of a'. He's courted her in the kitchen, He's courted her in the ha, He's courted her in the laigh cellar, And that was warst of a'.